2019 - 2020 Committee


Emaan Ullah, Homerton College

Hi, I'm Emaan, a second year at Homerton, and I’m serving as your President this year! As part of taking geography from its first centenary to the next, I'm keen to build on the events that bring geographers together, as well as building relationships with other societies, both within the university and beyond.

As part of a long term commitment to outreach, I’ll be working closely with the Access and Outreach Officer,  which was first appointed last year, in order to build on CUGS’s wider presence and attract more interest in geography at Cambridge! We’ve worked together to produce a new Alternative Prospectus, and will continue to produce more materials for prospective applicants, aided by the appointment of a second Creative Design Officer! 

I'd also like to place a real emphasis on acknowledging the ideas of members, integrating them into our plans for the year ahead. This lies within speakers events, which bring in renowned figures from the geographical discipline and beyond, and social events too- I'd like make sure that there’s something for everyone!

If you’ve got any questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message!


Vice President

Omar Khassal, Homerton College

Hey, I’m Omar, also a second year Geographer at Homerton and I’m super excited to be your Vice President this year coinciding with 100 years of Cambridge Geography. Generally, I will be supporting Emaan and the rest of the committee in the running of CUGS to make sure this will be a fantastic year.

My specific role as Vice President is to ensure we have an excellent Careers Fair this coming October with a diverse range of companies and organisations for you to come and chat to. Alongside this I also have the pleasure of gaining sponsorships for CUGS enabling us to put on bigger and better events than ever. More broadly, I’m hoping we can use the society to help build a greater sense of a Geography community with new events that will hopefully encourage both inter and intra-year mixing.

CUGS is an amazing society that has significantly shaped my time here at Cambridge and I am incredibly excited to make it further beyond! I Also, watch out for some amazing speakers in Michaelmas and Lent next year and also for the CUGS trip abroad.

If anyone wants to contact me please drop me an email or come and find me in lectures! 



Saffy Ahmad, Murray Edwards College

Hi, I’m Saffy, a third year geographer at Medwards and the 2019-20 committee treasurer. I was on the Ents team last year where I organised various social events and learnt the logistics of CUGS alongside a great committee. This year I’ll be in charge of the transactions that help make these amazing events a success and can’t wait to work with new people within the society that has already devised some fresh ideas for this year! Be sure to grab your membership and come along to geographical talks, socials and in-department events!



Naveen Harris, St. Catharine’s College

Hey, I'm Naveen, a second year at Catz and I'm the secretary for this year's CUGS committee. I'll be writing emails to you all a couple of times a term, so make sure you have a read of them to stay updated about CUGS news and events! I'm also in charge of membership and I'm looking forward to meeting all of the new first years at the Freshers Fair in October. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for the society, any membership issues or questions, then please do get in touch with me on secretary@cugs.co.uk or on Facebook!


 Publicity Officer

Reuben Goh, Homerton College

Hello! I’m Reuben, yet another second year from Homerton, and I will be serving as your Publicity Officer this year! My job is to keep the social media platforms up and running and to use them to inform everyone about the various goings-ons in and around the department. 

I mainly manage the Facebook page as well as the instagram page, which can be found at the following links:



I look forward to creating informative and engaging posts as best I can, bringing more life to the Instagram page in particular, which I’m hoping to use as a more informal way to reach out and connect with the Geographers! If you have any suggestions for me, feel free to slide into the DMs on either social media platform or shoot me an email and we can discuss it!


 Speakers’ Officers

Darren Wong, Churchill College

Hey I’m Darren, a second year at Churchill, and along with Caitlin, I’m one of your Speakers Officer for this year. I can’t wait to bring in a diverse lineup of speakers for CUGS this year to share about various pertinent issues in Geography — which is so exciting because everything and anything is Geography after all!

We’re hoping to shake up the traditional formats of speakers’ events to make them more interactive and we also seek potential collaborations with other societies during the year. A big interdisciplinary dialogue is on the cards at the moment too, so do keep a lookout for that!

Caitlin Arnold, Robinson College

Hi, I'm Caitlin and I am a second year at Robinson and I am one of your Speakers Officers this year. This means organising loads of interesting people from the field of Geography to come and speak in Michaelmas and Lent. This year Darren and I are working to expand the range of speakers across both human and physical geography as well as inviting both academics and non-academics to speak about their work. We want to shake up the style of events by making them more interactive, organising debates and panel discussions.

And we want to collaborate with other departments and societies to get some big cheeses and maybe some different venues as well! But most importantly we want to organise Speakers events that will be interesting and relevant, so please let us know if you have any requests!


 Ents Officers

Katy Wilson, St. John’s College

Hey, I’m Katy, a third year geographer at John’s. Alongside Emily and Lucy, I’ll be one of your Ents Officers organizing lots of socials throughout the year! We’re looking forward to continuing with successful events, such as the Garden Party, Christmas Ball and CUGS Cocktails, as well as adding more socials (especially for incoming freshers!). You can look forward to more small events that will make use of our new Common Room, as well as larger events where we plan to integrate with other Cambridge societies.

If you have any suggestions for new events for feedback from previous years do not hesitate to get in touch. If not, I look forward to seeing you at some of our events throughout the year!

Emily Hopkins, Murray Edwards College

Hi, I’m Emily, a second year geographer at Medwards, I will be working with Katy and Lucy as Ents Officers to organise lots of exciting events this year! We are hoping to continue with CUGS Cocktails, Christmas Ball and CUGS trip abroad, and cannot wait to introduce new ents including geography formals, movie nights and maybe even a boat party! There will be lots of social events to look forward to throughout the next year, make sure you follow our Facebook page to find out more!

Lucy Page, Downing College

Hi I’m Lucy, a second year geographer at Downing and I am one of your ents officers this year, alongside Katy and Emily. Our aim is to organise lots of fun social events which will provide you with the chance to meet other geographers who are at different colleges or in different years to yourself. We are planning movie nights and dinners and will hopefully be arranging a boat party for Christmas and maybe even a little trip away! We will be organising themed party nights and calmer de stress sessions so there will be something for everyone whether you be a wild party animal or someone who enjoys quietly watching a bit of Mr Attenborough with a slice of pizza. We hope to make your experience here more fun filled and aim to help you find your feet as you settle in. 

Geography Love, Lucy X


Access & Outreach Officer

Faith Borland, Downing College

Hey, I’m Faith and I’m a second-year geographer at Downing. I’m the Access and Outreach Officer for CUGS this year and I’m really excited to try to help the next generation of Cambridge geographers as well as the current one. I’m hoping to update the resources available for applicants and incoming freshers as well as creating new ones. This is all aiming to make people feel more confident about applying for geography specifically, as well as helping to bridge the gap and smooth the transition between school and university. I’m also trying to make sure that people are actually aware of all of the resources that are out there by using social media and working with the department and other access and outreach programmes.  I’d love to get as many people as possible involved in access projects throughout the year so if you have any ideas or just want to help please let me know! 


Creative Design Officers

Pascual Gonzalez, Christ’s College

Hi, I’m Pascual, a third-year geographer at Christ’s. I am one of CUGS’ two Creative Design Officers, and this is my second year on the job. I am in charge of designing all graphics (usually posters and banners) and publicity for emails, speakers events, and other special occasions throughout the year. Most of our events are publicised through social media so images and posters play a pivotal role in getting geographers and other students involved in the society. Additionally, many of these graphics are displayed at the Geography Department throughout the year. Last year I worked to create a new, eye-catching brand for CUGS, so I will continue to develop it further this year. More importantly, I will be working closely with my fellow committee members to ensure that every sector of the society receives the graphic design treatment it deserves!

Riva Kapoor, Girton College

Hi, I’m Riva, a second-year geographer at Girton. My role is new this year, and is centred on  implementing new and creative ideas to strengthen CUGS’ mission. I’ll be working on creating a CUGS film series. From a work experience tutorial, to a guide to gaining travel grants, to films documenting CUGS’ main events, I hope the film series will help build a strong brand for CUGS, strengthen the geography community at Cambridge, provide useful resources for current geographers, and inspire future geographers. I’m also working with Faith to create an interactive unofficial Geography prospectus for applicants and incoming freshers. I’m going to need lots of volunteers and models to share their experiences on camera, so if that is something you would be interested in, or if you have any other creative ideas, just drop me an email!


Compass Editors-in-Chief

Eswyn Chen, Wolfson College

My name is Eswyn (‘Essie’ for short) and I am a 2nd-year undergrad at Wolfson College. I was previously a physical geography editor here at Compass, but for the coming year, I will be your editor-in-chief and I work very closely with Eliza, the other editor-in-chief, to keep Cambridge University’s very own geographical journal magazine (and its blog) running. We source a broad array of articles in all geographically related topics, and in the meantime provide and manage a platform for students and non-students to share their perspectives on these topics. We have a brilliant team of sub-editors in both physical and human geography, interviewers, travel writers and blog managers, as well as a talented design, photography and publicity team.

My vision is to increase participation in the production of the magazine and its reach. As a mature student at a mature/graduate college, I hope to invite more graduates or fellows to share us with their insights in the field. Having done a degree in a very different subject, I also see the value of  including writings from not only Geographers, but anyone in any discipline with a concern in geographical issues and whose areas of interest straddle into Geography. We are also looking to encourage some occasional inter-university contribution. As a team, we truly believe that knowledge should come from all directions and be projected universally. 

Eliza Griffiths, Queens’ College

Hi, I’m Eliza, a Queens’ second year student and one of the editors of Compass alongside Essie. As editors, our role is to oversee the creation of our biannual print edition, as well as the running of the blog. We have ambitious plans for the magazine, including a redesign and the expansion of the travel section, so I’m really excited to see where we can take Compass this year! Follow our social media to keep up to speed with what our wonderful committee are doing, and if you have an article, or an idea for one, then please submit it to the email below! 



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