2017 - 2018 Committee

President - James Stevens

Hi, I'm James, a third year geographer at Catz. As your President this year, I'll be helping the society grow by introducing new ideas and chatting to you, our members, on a regular basis. As President, I'll ensure that the  year ahead will be a great one for CUGS - in addition to all of our usual events, we'll be introducing an alumni dinner, bigger and better socials, including some outside of Cambridge, and making the second CUGS trip abroad every success.

In my tenure as President, I've pledged to introduce a brand new travel grant, as well as boost the size of existing grants so that first years also stand a good chance of receiving money. The core of the society revolves around our speakers events. With that in mind, this year will see a wide range of big name speakers, not just academics but those from relevant fields of politics, economics and natural sciences. Plus we'll ensure there's better representation for female speakers too.

If you've got any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a message, email, or come say hi in lectures!

– James


Vice President - Esha Marwaha 


Hi, I’m Esha, a third year geographer at Caius. This year the CUGS committee have ambitious plans; as your Vice-President, I’ll be working with James to help see them through. Building on the success of last year, I aim to increase sponsorship to fund our exciting new events, including a CUGS ball. We’ll be strengthening our alumni network and providing you with a bigger and better careers fair too. Outside of Geography, I love literature, languages and am a keen runner. Feel free to drop me a message, or come and chat in person. We’d love to hear your ideas or feedback. I look forward to meeting you all!



Treasurer - Adam Williams

Hi everyone, My name is Adam Williams, I'm a third year geographer at kings and also the cugs treasurer (for master of coin for you GoT fans)! I make sure cugs is well funded for major events such as the annual Christmas dinner and Garden party. furthermore, I allocate funds for the Bedford travel grant in lent term for undergraduates- as if you need a reason to be nice to me or buy me pints...


Speakers Officer - Edgar Thornton

IMG_3230.JPGHi, I’m Edgar, a second year geographer at Fitz. This year Will and I will be organising the CUGS speakers events. We hope to cover an interesting and broad range of human and physical topics directly relevant to lecture material, but also to go beyond the confines of the Tripos. If you have any specific requests or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch! My personal area of interest is political geography and particularly post-colonial politics in sub-Saharan Africa. Beyond geography, I am a keen cricketer and runner, as well as debater and am regularly at the Cambridge Union.  


 Speakers Officer - Will Haslam

Hi, I’m Will, a second year geographer at Emma and I am very excited to be the speakers officer this year! Joining forces with Edgar we will be working to bring in engaging and relevant speakers to speak to the society during Michaelmas and Lent terms next year. We hope to follow on from the highly successful series organised by our predecessors Heather and Luke and already have some big names lined up for Michaelmas term. We’re keen to get in a real variety of speakers, not just those from academia, but politicians, adventurers, journalists and organisational leaders who deal with geographical issues in their line of work. Likewise Edgar and I also want to ensure we have speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds to further broaden the perspectives offered in these talks. Finally, we’re always open to new speaker suggestions - drop us an email at speakers@cugs.co.uk. Outside of geography, I will most likely be found doing something musical: conducting, playing jazz or singing in the chapel choir.


Secretary & Social Media Officer - Georgia Crowley

Hey there, I’m Georgia: Newnham third year, very Human Geographer, Sunday Life regular and post-lecture Spoons lover. You may recognise me as last year’s Ents Officer and I’m so excited about passing that on to Sophie, Daisy and George. Clearly I just love CUGS, as this year I’m returning to the committee as your Secretary! I hope to help maintain and build on everything we did last year. I will be sorting out stash asap and updating members on what has been going on in committee meetings. Any Qs about the society in general, I'm your gal! Geog love.



Ents Officer - Sophie Kenny

Hi, I’m Sophie, a second year at Girton and part of the Ents team this year. I am super excited to have the chance to organise the annual CUGs social events, like the garden party and the Christmas dinner, as well as other socials throughout the year! As a team, we’re here to ensure you have the chance to socialise and have fun with other geographers outside of the lecture theatre. Keep an eye on Facebook for things we have planned and let us know if you have any ideas that you want us to make happen. Outside of geography, I play netball, mixed lacrosse and have a show on Cam FM. See you around!


Ents Officer - Daisy Malton

Hi, I’m Daisy and I’m a second year Jesuan. This year, I’ll be working with Sophie and George to organise events throughout the year. We can’t wait to keep up the reputation of Geography as the social subject. Especially in Michaelmas and Lent term, there will be plenty of time to socialise and it’s great to get to know geographers from other colleges (for the formals especially!). Let us know if you have any ideas, we’ll try our best to make them happen. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Ents Officer - George Boughton

George Boughton pic.jpegHi I’m George, a second year from Homerton. Along with Sophie and Daisy I will be part of CUGS’ Ents team. It is our job to ensure all you guys have access to a wide range of events throughout the year. Along with our core events, such as the Christmas Dinner and Summer Garden Party, we are committed to bringing you a great selection of inter-term events and socials. Some ideas that have already been suggested include a swap with Oxford Geog Soc, as well as CUGS paintballing! If you have any ideas for events, don’t hesitate to contact us using the email below, it would be great to hear your suggestions. Outside of geography, I play Uni football and love a good Wednesday Cindies!


 Compass editor - Julia Ganis


Hi, I’m Julia and together with Isabel I’m going to a co-editor of the Geography magazine Compass. This is a new magazine that was only started last year, but is growing very quickly! The magazine aims to explore geographical themes, provide hints and tips for geography students, highlight fantastic travel opportunities and generally spread the geography love. It is an opportunity for people across the University and further Geographical field to get involved and teach each other.

Outside of the magazine I am involved in theatre throughout Cambridge, work with the RGS Ambassador Scheme, and love travelling (including occasionally working with sea turtles!).


 Compass editor - Isabel Dewhurst

Hi, I’m Isabel, a third year at Churchill and co-editor of Compass with Julia. Going into the magazine’s third year, we have some big developments planned that should be really interesting for anyone who wants to get involved! This year we’re hoping to get a Compass blog up and running and to expand the print magazine to readers and writers in other subjects. Beyond geography, I love all things travel and history, and I spend a lot of time reading about all the places I haven’t been (yet) and training with the gymnastics club.

Keep an eye out for the magazine in Michaelmas and Lent, and feel free to get in touch with me (or Julia) about writing for Compass!


Creative Design Officer - Catherine Chang

Hi, I’m Catherine, a third year Geographer at Corpus and I’m going to be taking on the role of the newly created Creative Design Officer this year. It’ll be my job to make any and all of CUGS publications beautiful and fun to look at for all of you! Some of the  design work that I’ve done include the Geography magazine, Compass and the CUGS Alternative Prospectus. Outside of Geography, I enjoy  photography, travelling and any chance to get out of the bubble. I hope to see you around!