2018 - 2019 Committee

WillPresident - Will Haslam

Hey, I’m Will, a third year geographer at Emma and I’m excited to be your President this year. In my role I’ll ensure that the year ahead is a great one for CUGS by introducing new ideas, forging new links with societies and expanding our current offering of events and socials.

As President, I’ve pledged to increase the sponsorship available for travel grants and continue the separate grants for first and second years. By appointing a new Outreach and Alumni officer, I will foster links with alumni and schools. With the Department celebrating its centenary next summer, CUGS will play a role in sharing the great work of the Department and welcome in the next century of geography at Cambridge.

The core of the society revolves around our speakers events, and we are committed to bringing a more diverse line-up covering areas across industry, charity and journalism - not just academics. I will also be making tighter connections between CUGS, Compass and the podcast to get interviews with our speakers and widen the audience of this excellent magazine. Finally, we have exciting plans for the CUGS trip abroad - keep an eye out for emails from CUGS for more details

Here’s to the year ahead! If you’ve got any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a message, email or come say hi in lectures!


EvaVice President - Eva Crowson 

Hi! I’m Eva, a second year Geographer at Downing and I’m super excited to be your Vice President this year. Basically, I’m going to help support Will and the rest of the committee in the running of CUGS to make sure this will be a fantastic year.

As your VP, I’m specifically in charge of ensuring we have an excellent Careers Fair this coming October with a diverse range of companies and organisations for you to come and chat to. More broadly, I’m hoping we can use the society to help build a greater sense of a Geography community with new events that will hopefully encourage both inter and intra-year mixing.

CUGS is an amazing society and I am incredibly excited to help make it even bigger and better than before! Also, watch out for some amazing speakers in Michaelmas and Lent next year and also for the CUGS trip abroad which is going to be extra special to mark the centenary for the Geography Department at Cambridge.

If anyone wants to contact me please drop me an email or come and find me in lectures!

CallumTreasurer - Callum Swanston

Hi! I’m Callum, a third-year geographer at Emmanuel College who is your Treasurer this year! As Treasurer I’m mainly responsible for managing the CUGS budget and keeping track of expenses across the society. I have to make sure we make the most of our money, but still have some left at the end of the year! The role of Treasurer also involves handling the Bedford Travel Grant which comes around in Lent Term.

This year, my main aims are to maintain CUGS’ affordable ticket prices for members so that as many people as possible can enjoy our big CUGS events such as the CUGS Garden Party and the Christmas Ball, as well as CUGS Cocktails and the many other events that will be ongoing through the year. I’ve also pledged transparency in the role of treasurer, meaning that I will publish a termly breakdown of what the CUGS money is spent on.

BeckySpeakers Officer -
Becky Shepherdson

Hi, my name is Becky and I’m a third year at Trinity. With Florence, I am one of your Speakers Officers for this year, which means arranging exciting people from across the range of geography to come and speak at the department. 

This year, a key aim to is increase the diversity of our speakers: both by having a range of academics and non-academics and also in making sure the voices we hear are representative of the diversity of people working the in the field. We also want to work harder to forge links with Compass, through more interviews and short write ups with Speakers.

We also want to work with Lizzy to expand the scope of our talks and engage with local schools. One of the key reasons I applied for geography was because my 6th form geography teacher took us to talks at Northumbria University; I hope that we can be equally good at showing how inspiring geographers can be!


FlorenceSpeakers Officer - Flo Wiggins

Hi, my name is Flo, a second year at Christ’s and I make up the other half of the Speaker’s team with Becky! I’m really excited to get a great lineup of speakers for CUGS this year, build on some really successful events of previous years and would love to stretch beyond the traditional style talks towards interactive, debate style events and discussion panels. We’re hoping to expand our audience to students beyond the geography department, get you guys involved with meeting our guests after events and use the speakers platform to fly the flag for Geography!


Max-MSecretary & Publicity Officer - Max Marshall

Hey, I’m Max, a second year at Emma and I am the secretary and publicity officer for this year. I am going to be building on the work done on the social media pages last year by working with the rest of the committee to make sure that you guys know everything that is going on at CUGS. With a distinct love for stash, I’ll also be making sure that this coming year’s stash sale is organised asap.

I’m normally the person answering the social media pages, so if you have any questions about CUGS or a proposal for us to share, feel free to get in touch or find me around lectures.

SaffyEnts Officer - Saffy Ahmad

Hi, I’m Saffy, a second year at Medwards, and will be working with Katy and Kitty to deliver you some BIG events in the coming year. As the Ents team, we are excited to bring more to CUGS and the Geography Department in 2018/19, both organising several low-key in-term events (making use of the new Common Room) and enhancing the larger end of term occasions, which are evidently a much integrated part of studying Geography at Cambridge. There may also be a slight twist on this year's annual CUGS’ trip abroad… We hope you are looking forward to what is to come, and promise to keep you very busy throughout the year!  

KatyEnts Officer - Katy Wilson

Hey, I’m Katy, a second year geography at Johns’. Alongside Saffy and Kitty, I’ll be one of your Ents Officers organizing lots of socials throughout the year! We’re looking forward to continuing with successful events, such as the Garden Party, Christmas Ball and CUGS Cocktails, as well as adding more socials (especially for incoming freshers!). You can look forward to more small events that will make use of our new Common Room, as well as larger events where we plan to integrate with other Cambridge societies.

If you have any suggestions for new events or feedback from previous years do not hesitate to get in touch. If not, I looking forward to seeing you at some of our events throughout the year!

KittyEnts Officer - Kitty Rooney

Hi, I’m Kitty, a second year at Queens’ and I’m one of one of CUGS’ Ents officers this year, alongside Saffy and Katy. Together, we will be organising a variety of exciting events throughout the year. Following the success of the 2017 CUGS’ Christmas Ball, we are keen to make this years’ events bigger and better.  As well as the larger events, such as the CUGS’ Garden Party and trip abroad, we are hoping to plan some smaller events throughout the year, including drinks for the new freshers in Michaelmas Term. Follow our Facebook page for more details throughout the year!

PascualCreative Design Officer - Pascual Shuk

Hi, I’m Pascual, a second year at Christ’s and CUGS’ creative design officer. I am in charge of  designing all graphics and publicity for emails, speakers events, and over special occasions throughout the year. Most of our events are publicised through social media so images and posters play a pivotal role in getting geographers and other students involved in the society. I look forward to creating an eye-catching brand for CUGS, and I will be working closely with my fellow committee members to ensure that every sector of the society receives the graphic design treatment it deserves!

LizzyAlumni & Outreach Officer - Lizzy Bartolome

Hi, I’m Lizzy a second year from Clare. I’m the first ever outreach and alumni officer and im really excited to be expandig the scope of CUGS. My role is to liase with the alumni network to organise funding and sponsorship for events which this yearare aready shaping up to be varied and exciting. I am also tasked with organising outreach events in local secondary schools. I’m an RGS ambassador and am really looking forward to promoting geography across the region.


AnjaliCompass editor - Anjali Gupta

Hi, I'm Anjali, one of the editors-in-chief of Compass, the Cambridge Geography magazine. I am a third-year at Emmanuel. My role is to oversee the two print editions of the magazine this year, alongside running the blog. We aim to cover all aspects and opinions from the geography department and beyond. This year I hope that Compass can expand its reach, hopefully into schools where we can work alongside Lizzy to increase Geography's profile and spread the word about what a wonderful and diverse subject it is.   


AngusCompass editor - Angus Parker

Hi, I'm Angus, a third year at Robinson college. Alongside Anjali I will be running Compass magazine and the blog, keep an eye out for latest articles on our blog, and we are always on the look out for new writers!