Andrew Goudie - Desert Geomorphology Developments over Five Decades

18 Oct 2016

Desert Geomorphology Developments over Five Decades
Tuesday 18th October 2016, *5:30 to 6:45pm*
Large Lecture Theatre, Geography Department


Over the last five decades, the study of the Geomorphology of Deserts has been changed. This is as a result of the development of new technologies, including remote sensing, planetary studies, appreciation of the importance of desert hazards, and more intensive field research. In this talk, consideration will be given to changes in attitudes to wind erosion, dust storm generation, pan and yarding formation, weathering, dune morphology, past climate changes, future climate changes, and, finally, conservation.

Professor Andrew Goudie was educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge where he obtained a first class with distinction BA in Geography and his PhD.  He was appointed Professor of Geography and Head of Department at Oxford University in 1984. His main research interests include the geomorphology of deserts, climatic change, environmental archaeology and the impact of humans on the environment. During his academic
career Goudie has authored nearly 200 scientific papers and has co-authored a number of academic books.