Gillian Rose - Visualising the City Digitally

1 Nov 2016

Visualising the City Digitally
Tuesday 1st November 2016, 6:00pm to 7:15pm
Large Lecture Theatre, Geography Department


Digital technologies of various kinds are now the means through which many cities are made visible and their spatialities negotiated. From casual snaps shared on Instagram to elaborate photo-realistic visualisations, digital technologies for making, distributing and viewing cities are more and more pervasive. This talk will explore some of the implications of that digital mediation for the cultural politics of urban representation.

Gillian Rose is professor of Cultural Geography at the Open University. She received her PhD from the University of London in 1990. Her research interests lie within the field of visual culture where she approaches images by thinking of them as objects embedded in a wide range of social practices. More recently she has become interested in ways of seeing urban spaces, comparing how peoples’ experience of town centres vary. In January 2017, she will be starting a two-year project funded by the ESRC looking at a range of 'smart city' technologies in Milton Keynes, and how these technologies interact with existing social differences as well as creating new ones.