Azeezat Johnson - CUGS x ISOC

15 Oct 2018

ISoc and CUGS come together to present a fascinating, interactive look at academic whiteness from Dr Azeezat Johnson, Department of Geography at Queen Mary's. This talk will draw on Dr Johnson's chapter in the edited collection The Fire Now: Anti-racist scholarship in times of explicit racial violence (out November 15). Here, she argues the importance of standing up and speaking out against the function of white supremacy within and beyond the academy. Given that academic institutions are the dominant spaces of knowledge production, it is particularly important to trouble the way that whiteness is neutralised both within the knowledge centred in these institutions (seen through #WhyIsMyCurriculumWhite), and in those bodies that are legitimised as knowledge holders within these institutions (seen through the underrepresentation of BME staff within professorship and senior management roles).