Jack Waley-Cohen: What3Words - CUSUS x CUGS

17 Jan 2019

What3Words is a geocoding system for the communication of locations with a resolution of three metres. What3words encodes geographic coordinates into three dictionary words, which differs from most other location encoding systems in that it displays three words rather than long strings of numbers or letters. The product is used by a large variety of institutions, from Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover to Red Cross and the United Nations. The company has won numerous awards such as KPMG Best British Mobile Startup and PWC Great Innovation Challenge.

Waley-Cohen was a director of UK translation company Lingo24 from 2003-2012. He is currently a director of three companies: what3words, Property Detective and QuizQuizQuiz. Jack Waley-Cohen was a co-host on the UK Game Show Totally Top Trumps, has won three Countdown shows and is also a former Weakest Link winner.